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More Sims Legacy

I'm sorry it took me so long to get another entry up...  I've been so stressed and busy that I just couldn't help it...

So, anyway, here's Aloisa (again) as a teenager (3 separate pics):

In the last picture, she's waiting outside of Ally and Arthur's house, waiting to meet her boyfriend, Jayjay (Ally and Arthur's son, who is also now a teenager, I think).  And now here's the first picture of Jayjay in here!  Yay, Jayjay!

And now here are some pictures from their first date!:

So romaaaantic!  And now, time to reveal Aloisa's younger siblings (who were born a couple days before the above pictures were taken, btw, but I didn't take any pictures of them immediately - I'm sorry about that).  Here's the older one, a son named Friedrich!

And now ... here's his twin sister, Isabella!

The next pictures I have for them are from their birthday into Toddlers, so I'm just gonna upload them now in quick succession, as they tell a story all their own:

(Okay, there's Friedrich - now here's Isabella)

And there we go!  A house with parents, a teenage daughter, and two toddlers!  The next pictures I have are all of Aloisa and her parents teaching the little darlings how to walk and talk, so they'll be uploaded next time!

Ack. I'm Sorry - More Hetalia Legacy

Okay, as it turns out, I took way too many snapshots.  At the time of my last update, I had 19 snapshots total, and I used 15 in my last update.  Now guess how many I have?  Yes, that's right - 70 total.  I'm really sorry.  So what I'll do is separate it into 4 separate updates, with 15 in each.  The last 10 will probably be joined by 5 more, because you know I'll take more pictures.  I'm real sorry.

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Sims 3 Madness: Possible Legacy?

Hi, everyone!  I decided to try to make a Sims 3 Legacy.  
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 Anywho, bye-bye!


More Sims Madness

Hey again.  I actually started the game, and have now played through almost 6 full weeks.    Okay, my character Emma was supposed to help her best friend Alec Bonnefoy hook up with this other boy named Adrian Braginski. Sounds simple, right?  Yeah, not so much.
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Jan. 8th, 2012

Hi, you guysss!  Yeah, I realize I forgot all about my 3o-day meme thing.  (And yes, the whole 3 + the letter o thing was intentional.)  I'll do that one later, probably either today or tomorrow.  But I will not be able to do one on Monday, and it's unlikely I'll do one on Tuesday.  I'll do my best to do one on Wednesday-Sunday, and probably will do one every Monday except for this next one.

Anywho, I'm gonna continue now.  Y'see, when I'm not either here or on the wonderfully addictive website Fanfiction.net, I'm probably playing The Sims 3.  I have several different games saved, and I just started a new one this past week.  My sister, Kristina, helped me, and we're both characters in it.  But she doesn't really go on it as often as I do, since that game is saved on my laptop instead of hers.

So, anyway, what  did was delete all the Sims that originally came in with the town (it was either Twinbrook or Sunset Valley).  I'm pretty sure it's Sunset Valley, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, after deleting all the Sims previously occupying the town, I put in all the families that I had created: the Bonnefoys, the Kirkland-Bonnefoys (yes, that does mean that there are currently two "Francis Bonnefoy"s running around loose...), the Braginskis, the Kennedys, the Northridges, the Sohmas, and the Cullen-Hales (well, I'm pretty sure that's all of them, but I could be wrong.)

The Bonnefoy family consists of four members: the mother Elisabeth, the father Francis, their son Alec, and their daughter Evangeline.  The family is based off of "Connecting the Dots", a Hetalia fanfic that can be found on Fanfiction.net.

The Kirkland-Bonnefoy family is based off of simply "Hetalia: Axis Powers".  It consists of two adult men and their children from previous marriages: Arthur Kirkland has three biological children: a teenaged son named Alfred, a teenaged daughter named Nabhi, and a toddler named Peter.  Francis Bonnefoy comes into the relationship with two children: a teenaged son named Mathieu and a girl named Victoire.  Typically, what I do when playing this family is turn Arthur into a girl named Alice, and then have her and Francis marry and produce more children (usually only one more).

The Braginski family is based off of the same fanfiction as the Bonnefoy family (the one with Elisabeth, not the one with Arthur/Alice).  It consists of the mother Allie, the father Ivan, their two teenaged sons Mikhail and Adrian, and their baby Amelia.

The Kennedy family is very, very, very loosely based off of the fanfiction series "The Pleasantville Series", which can also be found on Fanfiction.net.  Please note, however, that none of the stories are actually titled "The Pleasantville Series"; if you want the ones containing the father (the only one in the family, besides the grandmother, who actually is in the fanfic), see "Round and Round" or "Just a Little Push" (he's in one of the later chapters).  Anywho, the family consists of (at the moment): the father Leon, the grandmother Michelle, the mother Sarah, two teenaged girls named Kate and Lisa (daughters of Leon and Sarah), a son named Aaron, and a baby girl named Hailey.

The Northridges are, well, my own family: my mother, my father, me, and Kris.  I'm not putting my parents' names, 'cause then you'd be able to find us...  I'm also not putting my name, 'cause those of you out there who need to know it already do.  I'm putting my sister's name in here because I already have it above.  Oh, and this is only the family we started out with - more came into it later.  I also started the game with a pet cat, named Princess.

The Sohma family is based off of the manga series "Fruits Basket" by Natsuki Takaya.  The members include Shigure Sohma and his two teenaged cousins, Yuki and Kyo.  The final member of the family is Kyo and Yuki's classmate, Tohru Honda.  What has played out a few times is that Tohru and Kyo wind up being boyfriend and girlfriend, and then get married and have babies once they become Young Adults.

The final family that I definitely remember creating for this game is the Cullen-Hales.  Yes, this family is based off of "Twilight".  No, it is not complete.  Yes, I completely loathe Rosalie.  I loathe Bella Swan even moreso.  That is not to say that I am not a fan of the series, however.  For example, in this room alone, I am surrounded by two Twilight posters and a Rob Pattinson calendar.  Anywho, the members of this family are: a Young Adult version of Alice, her boyfriend/fiance Jasper Hale, and Jasper's sister Rosalie.  Due to my hatred of Rosalie, I made her as overweight as possible and made her as small-chested and short-haired as possible.  She will be changed to her normal, canon appearance once she's lost the extra pounds.  (Yes, it may seem cruel, but I did at least give her the Athletic trait, so she has a chance to lose some weight, right?)

Okay, since this journal entry wound up being a LOT longer than I had originally intended, I'm gonna stop it here.  I will update what actually happened, eventually.  Probably tomorrow.  Anyway, bye!

Day 4: Favorite Prince

Sorry.  I would've posted sooner, but I was just so busy that I didn't have time to even sleep, let alone get online every day.  Seriously.  The last time I got a full night's sleep was two weeks ago.  That's not good.  So ... anyway, my favorite Disney prince.  I'm pretty sure this is pretty much everyone's, but ... it's Simba!

I mean, just look at him!  He was so cute as a cub!  And he became such an overprotective daddy to his daughter Kiara.  Kovu is awesome, too, but Simba's just plain epic!

Day 3: Favorite Heroine

...To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what to do for today's.  I've sort of already done my 3 favorite heroines...  So I guess I'll say Rapunzel?  She's technically not a Disney princess yet, so she can go here.  I would write more if I wasn't so freaked out by the HUMONGOUS SPIDER IN MY ROOM.  So I'm just gonna sign off for now.

Plus, she's pretty cool, too.  I mean, just look at her:

My Favorite Disney Princess

Okay, for this one, I actually have two: Ariel and Jasmine.  Sorry, but I just can't stand most of the princesses that come before them.

I love Ariel because I've loved to swim since I was very little, and this was one of the first Disney movies I saw (besides maybe "Mulan" and "The Lion King", of course.  I absolutely love "Part of Your World", and I have no less than five versions of it on my iPod. :)  I even performed it in dance competition when I was ten years old.

I love Jasmine because she was so different from any of the other princesses, and I always thought she was cool.  My favorite song was always "A Whole New World", but I also like "One Jump Ahead" and "Friend Like Me".

My Favorite Disney Character

Oops!  Sorry, you guys.  I've been so busy, I kinda forgot about my Disney Meme.  So, yeah, I'll be starting that today, instead.
So, the first day I'm supposed to tell you who my favorite Disney character is.  Since tomorrow I'm supposed to tell you my favorite princess, it's not going to be one of them (although tomorrow there will be two princesses).  So my answer is Mulan Fa.  Yes, I realize that she's usually listed as a Disney princess, but she's never really a princess - even though she marries up in society, it's to a general, not a prince/king.  And, unlike most of the real princesses before the 1980s, she doesn't just sit around and do nothing - she totally kicks butt.  She and most of the newer princesses (Jasmine, Ariel, Tiana, and Rapunzel come to mind) are really good role models for young girls, and Mulan is really one of the first Disney movies I saw in theaters.  So, yep, she's my favorite Disney character.  Here, have some pictures of her: